Saturday, 1 September 2012

Is this experiential marketing?

Sunderland T9044
Howard Harrison and Tilly Morrissey, of South Pembrokeshire Hospital,
with the display panel and print of Haven Sunderland T9044.
PICTURE: Graham Roberts
 Here’s an interesting way for a visitor attraction to extend its ‘marketing reach’ and be seen to be involved in its local community – linking up with a local hospital and providing an interpretation panel. South Pembrokeshire Hospital’s Sunderland Ward, which is named after the famous flying boat, now has its own interpretation panel to mark special aviation connections.

Patient, Howard Harrison suggested the panel idea to the Pembroke Dock Sunderland Trust, which runs the Flying Boat Centre Workshop and the newly opened Fleets to Flying Boats Centre in the Royal Dockyard.
The panel, donated by the Trust, is now displayed alongside many evocative images and photographs of Sunderlands, which were based at Pembroke Dock for nearly 20 years. It includes several photographs of Sunderlands and a brief history of their special links with the town and Haven Waterway including Sunderland survivor T9044 which sank in the Haven in 1940.

Mr Harrison was on hand to formally present the new panel to Tilly Morrissey, the Resource Centre Manager, who said: “We are very grateful to Mr Harrison and to the Trust for this very special display. Mr Harrison has, along with Mr Tony Jones and other patients, donated many Sunderland items to the hospital. This panel sets the ‘Sunderland story’ in context with the ward. I am sure that patients and visitors alike will really enjoy looking at all of these items.”
Experiential Marketing
Sunderland Interpretation Panel