Tuesday, 27 January 2009

using Google Adwords to attract more visitors

If you are contemplating using Google Adwords have a look at http://www.ultramarketing.co.uk/using-google-adwords-effectively-advice-from-experts-on-linkedin/ before you do so. At the Ultra Marketing web site there are comments gathered from the many experts on LinkedIn on how and how not to use Google Adwords effectively. The moral is - make sure your web site is fully optimised and WG3 compliant before you do so. It's easy to rack up spend on Adwords without any gathering any effective contribution to the bottom line. But have a read - there's some good stuff there.

Thursday, 22 January 2009

Tourism Workshops and Seminars

Attract Marketing offer a range of workshops and seminars tailored to the potential audience and based around the subject of the Development and Marketing of Heritage Tourism Products

The range of workshops/seminars include the following topics:
What is Heritage Tourism?Topic 1: Basic Concepts - Setting the Scene
Topic 2: Audience Development – what is it and who will come?
Topic 3: Interpretation - developing themes and story lines
Topic 4: Access for all - physical and intellectual
Best Practice in Heritage TourismTopic 5: Collections & Conservation Management Plans
Topic 6: Heritage Learning
Topic 7: Feasibility Studies - key elements
Topic 8: Applying the theory - Case Studies
Visitor IssuesTopic 1: Creating an Audience Development Plan
Topic 2: Operating the Heritage Attraction
Topic 3: Creating a Learning and Access Plan
Topic 4: The Marketing Campaign Plan
Case Study based on a visit to a local attraction - Making it betterTopic 5: Analysing the problem - Writing the brief
Topic 6: Developing a new offer
Topic 7: Making it work
Topic 8: Launching the revamped attraction

The clients for this series include a European Union funded workshop for the Estonian Tourist Board where we worked with a local consultant Oliver Loode of Consumetric.
Download the introductory presentation from http://www.attractmarketing.co.uk/Heritage_Tourism_Basic_Concepts_Topic1.pdf for more information.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Research and Interpretation

Attract gets very involved in research from time to time as part of developing Interpretation Plans, identifying the significance of museum collections etc. While not part of an Attract project the blog at http://jamescholmeleyrussell.blogspot.com/ illustrates what can be achieved with persistence and some luck to provide a human face to some potentially rather dry facts.

Friday, 16 January 2009