Saturday, 4 June 2011

Researching, Developing and Marketing Tourism Products

Speakers from Attract can offer the following content for conferences workshops, seminars and academic courses - all tailored to fit the audience

1. Tourism - Destination Marketing

 Marketing is one of the core functions of a destination manager. The module provides advice on adopting a strategic approach from the outset i.e. defining the product, market planning and targeting, identifying the right media and implementing campaigns.

  • A strategic approach to Destination Marketing
  • The product or what to take to market, including branding
  • Who to target
  • Routes to market – or how to reach the visitor
  • Marketing to business tourism organisations
  • Selecting the media mix
  • Case study

 2. Visitor attractions

This module looks at what constitutes an attraction, examines the general principles of developing an attraction, the focus of different kinds of attraction and in particular looks at attractions in the cultural and heritage tourism sector

  • Defining Cultural and Heritage tourism
  • Basic concepts - setting the scene
  • Feasibility studies and business planning
  • Audience Development Planning
  • Interpretation - developing themes and storylines
  • Access for all - physical and intellectual
  • Operational issues in visitor attractions
  • Case study - based on a visit to a local attraction and a workshop

3. Using market research techniques to help make the right decisions

This module looks at gathering and using data on which to make the right strategic decisions and how to use market research to monitor and evaluate performance.

  • Key elements of a successful research project
  • Developing the objectives of the research project
  • Primary and secondary research - differences and when to use
  • Quantitative and qualitative research – differences and when to use
  • Other techniques’ e.g. online, desk research, diaries, workshops, csultation
  • Ad hoc and on-going/continuous research
  • Evaluation of marketing activity
  • Planning and developing a brief
  • Case study


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