Wednesday, 18 July 2012

New sustainability initiative by major museum & gallery

Touring Exhibitions

Without compromising its artistic and cultural integrity and reflecting the need for continuing sustainability, the Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, one of the Midland's flagship cultural and heritage venues has launched Herbert Touring. The new initiative brings high quality exhibitions to other venues in the heritage sector, with exhibitions curated by their experienced creative team.
The Herbert prides itself on the broad range of its exhibitions programme and will bring this variety to its touring portfolio. Exhibitions are available to museums with subjects as diverse as the myths surrounding ancient Egypt, to a stark portrayal of canal culture in the 1950s, to the hottest up and coming street artists.
Herbert Touring has been launched with the support of the Arts Council and as pressure continues on museum budgets, the importance of this kind of entrepreneurial activity is likley to become of increasing importance.
See more on Herbert Touring here  

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